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Boulder colorado dating site

The plan was to run my company, Outdoor Fest, virtually—planning a summer festival, answering emails, and enjoying views of the Flatirons. I was happy to take in the relatively slower pace of Colorado life and the seemingly endless sunshine. I had just gotten out of a long-term relationship in NYC, and getting back out there wasn't foremost on my mind—until approached me in January with an assignment.

What was it like for a city girl to date in America's most outdoorsy town?

At the same time, everyone I knew personally in Boulder was in a relationship, so I didn't have any beta on the dating scene around town. At the very least I expected variations of a bearded, flannel-wearing man who'd want to wake up early on Saturdays and hit the slopes with me—maybe even show me some secret powder stashes.

The only other thing I'd heard about the Boulder community was the lore of the hardcore athlete.

This guy spoke to my nerdy, history major, Latin-studying self—he just had no interest in talking about skiing, hiking, camping, or most other things I do on weekends.

Sam was the polar opposite of the traditional Boulder stereotype—he loves the indoors and reading, and has a Masters degree from Yale.Still, I knew that the right app could introduce me to new people I might never have met by chance.So I turned to a different one: Ok Cupid, an app with longer profiles and more information that gave me more engaging conversations.We'd failed the ski pass compatibility test—but there was still hope.Then the food came, and unfortunately for the future of our relationship, his dish was served with extra rice.

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I shied away at first, but then I figured: What's the harm in going on a few dates?